International success for 2018 winner Preti Taneja

Preti Taneja 2018 Desmond Elliott Prize winner, Preti Taneja will be appearing in Australia at the Adelaide Festival’s ‘Writer’s Week’. Preti has been invited to be a part of a panel that will explore the Indian diaspora alongside Sohaila Abdulali and Sujatha Gidla on Sunday 3rd March, before discussing her Desmond Elliott Prize winning novel, We That Are Young, on Monday 4th March.

Festival director Jo Dyer told the Adelaide Review that Preti’s book made a “big impact” on her and that, much like the Desmond Elliott Prize, “It’s a critical part of Adelaide Writers’ Week’s remit to introduce new authors to our audiences.”

Last week, We That Are Young was published in Germany by CH Beck and next month will be published in France by Les Éditions de l’Observatoire on 6th March. We That Are Young has already been published in the U.S. and Canada by A.A Knopf and has been published in India by Penguin Random House.

Preti said of her continued success, “The Desmond Elliot Prize has a tradition of celebrating the finest in avant garde writing. Winning meant so much to me personally and to my UK publishers, Galley Beggar Press. It continues to bring the book to more readers and in practical terms, makes a huge difference to my ability to write the next thing.”