Care Of Wooden Floors By Will Wiles

Harper Press

ISBN: 978-0007424436

Oskar is a minimalist composer, best known for his piece Variations on Tram Timetables. His apartment, in an unnamed Eastern European city, is a triumph of minimalist interior design: all white walls, surgical steel, black leather furniture by dead Swiss architects and, yes, blonde wooden floors. In this perfect environment he has planned a perfect life. But this book isn’t really about Oskar. Oskar is in Los Angeles, having his marriage to Laura, a Californian art dealer, dismantled by lawyers. While he’s away, he entrusts his apartment to an old university friend to look after. His two cats, named after Russian composers, need feeding, after all. Despite the fact that Oskar has left dozens of surreally detailed notes covering every aspect of looking after the apartment, things do not go well. Care of Wooden Floors is about how a tiny oversight can trip off a disastrous chain of consequences.