Kill Your Friends

William Heinemann 7 February 2007 pb

ISBN: 9780434017997

It’s not dog-eat-dog around here…it’s dog-gang-rapes, dog then tortures him for five days before burying him alive and taking out every motherfucker the dog has ever known. Meet Steven Stelfox in London 1997, where New Labour is sweeping into power and Britpop is at its zenith. Twenty-seven-year-old A&R man Stelfox is slashing and burning his way through the music industry, a world where ‘no one knows anything’ and where careers are made and broken by chance and the fickle tastes of the general public – ‘Yeah, those animals’. Fuelled by greed and inhuman quantities of cocaine, Stelfox blithely criss-crosses the globe searching for the next hit record amid a relentless orgy of self-gratification. But as the hits dry up and the industry begins to change, Stelfox must take the notion of cutthroat business practices to murderous new levels in a desperate attempt to salvage his career.

Born in Scotland, John Niven played guitar for 1980s indie hopefuls The Wishing Stones before reading English Literature at Glasgow University and going on to work as an A&R man in the London music industry. He later escaped while he still could to write full time, and is the author of the novella Music From the Big Pink. Kill Your Friends is his first novel.

“Brilliant. It made me ill with laughter. The filthiest, blackest, most shocking, most hilarious debut novel I’ve read in years.” India Knight