The Truth About These Strange Times

Weidenfeld & Nicolson 12 July 2007 h/b

ISBN: 978297852735

Saul Dawson-Smith can memorise the sequence of a shuffled deck of cards in under a minute; he can recite pi to a thousand decimal places and he remembers every conversation he’s ever had. He is ten years old. Howard McNamee is twenty-eight: lonely, overweight and poorly educated. He lives alone in the north of England in the home he shared with his mother and far from the scene of his difficult Glasgow childhood. Through a series of unexpected events, these two solitary people find themselves forming an unlikely friendship.  As Saul prepares himself for the World Memory Championships – the event he has been training for his whole life, the pressure mounts on the little boy, and his well-meaning but single-minded parents grow increasingly less able to see beyond their ambitions for their son, Howard realises he must act to save his small friend. The decision he reaches turns all their lives upside down.

Adam Foulds was born in 1974 and lives in South London. He is a graduate of the Creative Writing MA at the University of East Anglia and his poetry has appeared in a number of literary magazines.

“there is much to admire in this debut, from the assured descriptions to the well-judged blend of comedy and drama.” The Times