Simon & Schuster

ISBN: 9781847391261

‘[A] gloomy, brilliant debut… Hogan, still in his 20s, writes in the modern, simple prose of a writer far older and he’s expert at unpicking the frustrations of the working-class male in post-industrial Britain; Beth’s husband is a man whose ‘ambition, he realised, had become to avoid humiliation’. It’s joyously depressing stuff, but also a wise study of bereavement.’ The Observer

“You said once that Blackmoor killed Mum.”

“I suppose you don’t think that a place can kill a person,” says George.

Vincent shrugs. “I just want to know how.”

“Slowly, that’s how.”

Bird-watching teenager Vincent Cartwright lives out a bullied, awkward existence not far from the site of Blackmoor, a mysterious, vanished Derbyshire village. His mother Beth, half-blind and unknowable, and her life and death in that same village has always been a dark family secret, but as Vincent comes of age he begins to search for the truth.