Beauty by Raphael Selbourne

Tindal Street Press

ISBN: 9780955647673

Beauty is a twenty-year-old Bangladeshi, back in England having fled an abusive arranged marriage. Placed on the jobseekers’ treadmill and under continuing domestic pressure, she runs away.

Her fractious encounters with officialdom, fellow claimants and passers-by in the city streets, exacerbated by the restrictions of language and culture, place her at the mercy of such unlikely helpers as Mark, a friendly, Staffordshire Bull Terrier- breeding ex-offender, and Peter, a middle-class underachiever on the rebound from a bitter relationship. Determined and spirited, yet tormented by doubts, Beauty is forced to examine her own beliefs and think seriously about her future. While her brothers search for her, the conflicts between her desire for personal freedom and her sense of family duty deepens. What will she do?