Designs for a Happy Home by Matthew Reynolds


ISBN: 9780747599067

Can interior design make you a better person? Alizia Tamé™ believes it can. Everyone has heard of her creations: now you can experience the life that lies behind them. Meet her husband Jem – the postmodern potter – and in many ways her inspiration. Share the thrills and anxieties of juggling family and career. Discover the truth about her partnership with Fisher Paul and Simon Sanders at IntArchitec, the world’s most innovative Design practice. Remember that when your world flips upside-down it is sometimes the most surprising people who turn out to be your friends.

For, while Alizia has a Design for everything from relationships to work to motherhood, the people who matter most to her refuse to fit in. As the gloss she has put on her life begins to crack, she realizes there may not be, after all, a Magic Motto for everything. And where can she find happiness then?