The Hungry Ghosts by Anne Berry

Blue Door

ISBN: 9780007303380

Raped, then murdered, in Japanese-occupied Hong Kong, 1942, Lin Shui’s ‘Hungry Ghost’ clings tenaciously to life. Just in time she finds a host off whom to feed, twelve-year-old Alice Stafford, troubled daughter of a leading government figure. The parasitic ghost follows her home to The Peak. There, entangled in the Safford family’s web of dark secrets and desperate lies, the lethal mix of the two unleashes chaos. All this unfolds against a background of colonial unrest and the countdown of the return of Hong Kong to China.

As successive tragedies engulf Alice, her ghostly entourage expands. She flees, in a bid to escape the past, only to find her ‘Hungry Ghosts’ have accompanied her. It seems the peace she longs for is to prove far more elusive than she could ever have imagined.