A Vision of Loveliness By Louise Levene


ISBN: 978-1408801468 (Paperback)

Jane James knows that she was born to better things than a dingy bedroom in her dreadful Aunt Doreen’s house in Norbury. She practises her French turns and her killer smile, and dreams of one day being a part of the world she scrutinises through the windows of the cashmere shop where she works.

A crocodile-skin handbag left by chance in a pub leads her to Suzy St John, a girl-about-town with the glamour, confidence and irresistible allure that Jane has rehearsed for so long. Jane installs herself under Suzy’s wing and becomes Janey, a near carbon-copy of her new best friend, who catwalks effortlessly through an easy, sleazy world of part-time modelling and full-time man-trapping. But Jane can never drown out the carping voice of her past – or the nagging doubt that there might be slightly more to life than a mutation mink jacket or an engagement ring.