Coconut Unlimited By Nikesh Shukla


ISBN: 978-0704372047 (Paperback)

Coconut Unlimited follows the adventures of three hopeless, hip-hop-obsesses Asian boys in an all-white private school. It’s Harrow in the 1990s and Amit, Anand and Nishant are stuck.  Their peers think they’re try-hard darkies, acting street and pretending to be cool, while their community thinks they’re rich toffs, a long way from the ‘real’ Asians in Southall. So, to keep it real, they form legendary hip-hop band ‘Coconut Unlimited’. Pity they can’t rap.

From struggling to find records in the suburbs and rehearsing on rubbish equipment, to evading the clutches of disapproving parents and real-life drug-dealing gangsters, Coconut Unlimited documents every teenage boy’s dream and the motivations behind it: being in a band to look pretty cool – oh, and get girls…