Pub Walks in Underhill Country By Nat Segnit

Penguin, Fig Tree

ISBN: 978-1905490578 (Paperback)

Graham Underhill is a much-loved local watercolourist, ale enthusiast and self-published guidebook writer – the ‘Wainwright of the West Midlands’. But our narrator and guide is a rambler in more ways than one, and what begins as a set of walk instructions soon gives way to what Graham would rather talk about – mostly, his marriage to the beautiful and erudite Sunita.

When a well-connected environmentalist and would-be MP takes an interest in Sunita’s childhood memoir, Graham’s happiness seems complete. Or it would be, were it not for the shoddy state of the local footpath network. And inconsiderate mountain bikers. And litter louts, pretentious landscape photographers, idiots who consider light trainers suitable for mountainous terrain, and the Highways Agency’s plan to build a bypass through his house.

At least he has his beloved Sunita. Or does he? Graham, it turns out, is not the most reliable guide. And neither is ‘Underhill country’ the sleepy idyll it seems…