One Star Awake
by Andrew Meehan

One Star Awake by Andrew Meehan

New Island

A young woman comes to in the Paris restaurant in which she apparently works – she has survived some kind of trauma, but her memories haven’t. Something tells her there has been a reprieve. Yet when she crosses paths with a mysterious man called Eagleback, she becomes convinced that he holds the key to her identity. Over the course of a hot, sticky summer she covertly pursues Eagleback while re-learning how to live. Then she must decide if she is ready to solve the emotional puzzle of her life so far.

This is a fractured fairy tale – a funny and touching testament to the highs and lows of self-discovery and love found in unlikely places.

Praise from the Desmond Elliott Prize

“From screen pitch to narrative itch, each in their way well and truly scratched. Andrew Meehan, once head of development at the Irish Film Board, now literary novelist cum laude. One Star Awake, a title drawn from Padraic Colum’s celebrated sentimental ballad, these few words enigmatic and beguiling the perfect fit for a story conspicuous for the brilliance of its writing and the penumbral depths of its plot. Upon the simple premise of amnesic darkness in the city of light, Meehan has built a plot which entices and intrigues to mesmeric effect.”

About the Author

Andrew Meehan’s short fiction has been published in The Stinging Fly, The Moth, Banshee and Winter Papers, as well as in TOWN & COUNTRY: The Faber Book of New Irish Stories, edited by Kevin Barry. Prior to writing full-time, Andrew was for many years Head of Development at the Irish Film Board. There, he nurtured numerous Irish feature-films, including the Oscar-nominated animated feature SONG OF THE SEA; Lenny Abrahamson’s WHAT RICHARD DID; and the rollicking comedy GOOD VIBRATIONS.

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