We That Are Young
by Preti Taneja

We That Are Young by Preti Taneja

Galley Beggar Press

Money, power, corruption and desire. Unimaginable wealth. Unspeakable hardship. A family divided.

When Jivan Singh returns to his childhood home after a long absence, it’s only to witness the unexpected resignation of Devraj, the founding father of the Company – a vast corporation at the heart of Indian life. On the same day, Devraj’s youngest daughter absconds – refusing to submit to marriage. Her older sisters Radha and Gargi are handed their father’s company… So begins a vicious struggle for power, ranging from the luxury hotels of New Delhi and Amritsar, the Palaces and slums of Napurthala to the beautiful, broken city of Srinagar, Kashmir.

Praise from the Desmond Elliott Prize

“A commemorative portrait of a destroyed dynasty, a triptych dedicated to three departed sisters: one thinks of We That Are Young in painterly terms, the gravest of themes rendered in glorious colour, multiple canvases depicting intensely moving individual episodes. The voices equally enthral, from his daughters’ fervid dialogue to Bapuji’s mad soliloquising. Prose as sensual, perfumed and parti-coloured as a wedding basket of ladoo, inset with gems of pure poetry. Yet pungent enough to match the Dhimbala’s fetid starvelings. Everywhere as remarkable to the ear as it is revelatory of the soul.”

About the Author

Preti Taneja was born in the UK to Indian parents and spent most of her childhood holidays in New Delhi. She has worked as a human rights reporter on Iraq, in Jordan, Rwanda, and Kosovo, and her work as been published in the Guardian, the New Statesman and Open Democracy. A fellow at Warwick University, she is also the editor of Visual Verse and was selected as an AHRC / BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinker for 2014.

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