Anna Mackmin

Devoured by Anna Mackmin

Propolis Books


Swallow’s Farmhouse in deep, rural Norfolk is home to Your People, a commune of free-thinkers and poets seeking a better way. But beneath the veneer of a nurturing, alternative lifestyle, an atmosphere of jealousy and threat is pushing their utopia towards the brink of its inevitable collapse.

Raising herself amidst the chaos is a 12-year-old survivor, desperately preoccupied with her transition into womanhood. With her mute sister, beloved dog and the re-defining force of her emerging appetites, she marches resolutely towards her future, venturing – with hilarious and horrifying results – through the minefield of an adult world built on hypocrisy and misplaced ideals.

Praise from the Desmond Elliott Prize

‘An opening fantastically theatrical, affectively true, but not a surprise for Devoured marks the fourth phase of an all-round artistic career for Anna Mackmin, from actor to designer to director – the last of these seeming directly to have informed the now-novelist: in the character of Nearly Thirteen; in her slightly adjacent stance as she addresses the audience in the second person; and in that clipping of an actor’s identity to the end of their speech – this a wrinkle once ironed into awareness that wondrously smooths the flow of her stream of consciousness, from one barnstorming script straight to the reader’s bloodstream, and on to the heart.’

About the Author

Anna Mackmin previously worked as a theatre director. Her first novel, Devoured, was published in June 2018 and won the Fiction category at the East Anglian Book Awards.