The Chameleon
Samuel Fisher

The Chameleon by Samuel Fisher


John is infinite.

He can become any book, any combination of work – every thought, act and expression that has ever been, or ever will be, written. Now 800 years old, John wants to tell his story.

Looking back over his life, from its beginnings with a medieval anchoress to his current lodgings beside the deathbed of a Cold War spy, John pieces together his tale; the love that held him together and, in particular, the reasons for a murder that took place in Moscow 50 years earlier, which set in train a shattering series of events.

Praise from the Desmond Elliott Prize

‘An exercise in eccentricity, a litterateur’s indulgence, or even a bookseller’s USP (who knows how many will be tempted by the wafery amuse-bouches herein to plunder the shelves of Burley Fisher)? Perhaps all three, maybe more. But, surely, a hymn to stylistic invention and historical fact which sings of emotional truth.’

About the Author

Samuel Fisher is a bookseller at Burley Fisher Books, an independent bookshop in East London, and director of independent publisher, Peninsula Press.